Social Media Effects Film Profits

June 11, 2010

Interesting ‘Hollywood Reporter’ piece debates the need of high motion picture marketing costs, when compared to profits.

Although a strong case is made for the importance of promotion, particularly on the opening weekend of a major release, the speed of word of mouth from platforms like Twitter and Facebook, are grossly underestimated in their effect on the selections of filmgoers.

Isn’t social media one of the reasons that we’re seeing the extinction of “professional” film critics?


Best Jazz of 2009

December 5, 2009

In no particular order–

Tessa Souter – Obsession
Bennie Maupin Quartet – Early Reflections
Gretchen Parlato – In A Dream
Chick Corea and John McLaughlin – 5 Peace Band Live
Darcy James Argue – Infernal Machines
Fred Hersch – Plays Jobim
Marcus Strickland – Idiosyncracies
Monterey Quartet – Live at 2007 Monterey Jazz Festival
Ramsey Lewis – Songs From The Heart: Ramsey Plays Ramsey
Sonny Rollins – Road Shows Vol. 1

Illegal Downloaders Buy More Music?

November 2, 2009

An article in the Independent UK relates a study which concludes that illegal music downloaders spend more on music than those who claim not to illegally download.

With MP3 files less expensive than compact discs music and the convenience of purchasing individual files, I not only gladly pay for my downloads, I purchase more music in a larger range of styles, than ever before. I also admit to making copies for friends who more likely than not, are not acquainted with the tunes I send their way.

Forrester Research states that “We have a generation of young people who don’t have any concept of music as a paid-for commodity.” And unfortunately, there’s no reason to expect that to change.

Content Is Still King

July 7, 2009

Malcolm Gladwell (‘Blink’) debunks the “all content will be free” mantras of Chris Andersen, in his ‘New Yorker’ review of ‘Free: The Future of a Radical Price’

“It’s Called The Internet”

June 15, 2009

What were they saying about the web, back in 1994? Check out this NBC News story with a pimply Eric Schmidt and pre-contact lenses, Bill Gates.

It’s About Time…

April 7, 2009

One had almost given up, but a date has finally been announced for the release of the remastered Beatles catalog on CD. And take a look at the very cool packaging.

All From ‘You Tube’ Sound Bits

March 11, 2009

Mashable Music Maelstrom