Social Media Effects Film Profits

June 11, 2010

Interesting ‘Hollywood Reporter’ piece debates the need of high motion picture marketing costs, when compared to profits.

Although a strong case is made for the importance of promotion, particularly on the opening weekend of a major release, the speed of word of mouth from platforms like Twitter and Facebook, are grossly underestimated in their effect on the selections of filmgoers.

Isn’t social media one of the reasons that we’re seeing the extinction of “professional” film critics?


Social Media Boffos Box Office

August 20, 2009

A recent New York Times article detailing the inability of big name movie stars to impact summer box office, gives credit to the power of social media.

Content Is Still King

July 7, 2009

Malcolm Gladwell (‘Blink’) debunks the “all content will be free” mantras of Chris Andersen, in his ‘New Yorker’ review of ‘Free: The Future of a Radical Price’

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

February 12, 2009

Diane Mermigas in her ‘Media Daily News’ column, is right on when she speaks of the damage Neflix’ upcoming streamed broadband, 100,000 + movie library, flat fee (10.00) service will wreak on pay cable, DVD rentals and even broadband tv.