How Health Insurance Can Use Social Media

July 6, 2011

Everyday, more medical insurance companies are begrudgingly beginning to integrate social media as elements of their marketing strategies. This probably would not be happening but for the fact that for years, many of their members have been using online communities and blogs to discuss healthcare issues. Some suggestions for the uninitiated:

1. As smartphones continue to proliferate and people have the ability to carry more information in their pockets than ever before, health insurance companies have an opportunity to create two distinct mobile apps. One, to give customers easy access to claims, plan details, network providers, drug prices, etc. and the other to provide lifestyle information on diet, exercise and healthy living. Read the rest of this entry »


Smartphone Field Continues To Level

October 19, 2010

With the underestimated growth of Android, good advances on Windows Phone 7, WebOS 2.0 , and an ongoing slew of new models coming off the assembly lines from: Motorola, HTC, Samsung, Blackberry, et al., how much longer can Apple hold smartphone throne with one model released a year with a proprietary OS? Ultimately, the consumer wins this one.

The Publishing Tortoise and the Technology Hare

April 26, 2010

For a long time, I have been critical of the book publishing industry’s procrastination in accepting the web as a sales, marketing and distribution force. It was almost as if publishers believed that the internet was some fad that was going to go away and that people would always want to read their books printed on paper. In light of the financial losses that the music, newspaper and motion picture industries were dealing with due to digital conversion of content, the book publishers’ apprehension was somewhat understandable, yet also frustrating in that they seemed to be avoiding the obvious and needed to develop their own digital content strategy. Read the rest of this entry »

Androids Proliferate

January 6, 2010

Add AT&T to the list of Android carriers (Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile) and Dell to the list of Android smartphone makers (HTC & Motorola).  As for Google, keep on refining that OS and adding quality apps.  2010 is looking good.

Digital Media Forecasts for 2010

December 31, 2009

You gotta believe that 2010 will be a better year economically than the one we just left behind. Despite it all, digital business and consumer technologies made significant advances, laying the groundwork for growth in the new year.

  • An ever increasing number of companies will adapt social media strategies for their businesses. Better measurement models will develop.
  • Traditional media outlets (television, film, publishing) will continue to suffer the effects of old age and will get more serious about experimenting with new business models.
  • Although digital music sales will increase in 2010, compact disc sales will continue their fall.
  • Though cost prohibitive for the masses, 3D televisions will be considered a success in their introductory release year.
  • The smartphone will become more ubiquitous as competition increases and hardware costs go down.
  • As more companies develop e-book readers, Kindle prices will continue to decrease (albeit minimally) and publishing companies will get more involved with title pricing.
  • Just as it has already happened for the 33 1/3 LP, paper books will one day become niche items for collectors and Luddites alike.


Business Week Covers The App Business

October 23, 2009

The November 6 cover story of ‘Business Week’ looks at the growing app economy.

Verizon Plays Hardass With Apple

October 19, 2009

I was hoping Verizon was going to pick up the iPhone next year, and though it looks like my hopes have been squashed, I’m pleased to say that it’s not bothering me like I thought it would.

Verizon is showing allegiance with Googles’ entry into the mobile market with its Android OS phone, called the ‘Droid’. We will soon be learning about its’ multitude of features, but as a Google phone, one is not surprised to see a ‘Quick Search’ box located at the top of the browser, allowing users to search the web directly from the home screen.

Android’s free ‘Open Source Project’ platform, will be developer-friendly and insure an extensive quantity of applications. Google has even offerred $250,000 in price money for best new applications.

And if you think Verizon is being delicate about superiority to the iPhone, check out the ad

This competition will be interesting to follow, with the consumer the ultimate beneficiary.