A New Tablet In Town

I’ve been holding back on discussing tablets, if only because no effective competition to the iPad has appeared.  But this week something significant occurred —  we learned of the Kindle Fire, with a 7“ color  touch screen, web browser and cloud storage, which will give the consumer access to Amazon’s book, music, game, movie and tv content.  The iPad is no longer the only tablet in town.    

Although Apple acolytes will not be praising the Fire’s aesthestics, or significance as an objet d’art, the multitudes that will be purchasing it simply won’t care.  Hey, most computer users have always felt that Macs are beautiful objects d’art, but never had the intention on paying the extra bucks to own one.  Those users will be the Fire’s consumer base – and it’s a large one.

Recent studies have told us that the majority of iPad users use them mostly for email and web access.  If that’s true, then why not a tablet with all of the features of the Fire, which sells at least $200.00 less than an iPad?  Every one of the previous iPad competitors made the same fatal mistake when they priced their unknown, yet to be established tablets at higher prices than the iPad. As with the original Kindle, Jeff Bezos is willing to take a loss on  pricing, to nurture product growth and as before, the consumer is the beneficiary.

Finally a competitor for the iPad, with a price and range of content access to be happy with.  It will surely deliver a significant number of first time buyers and create a real “tablet” market


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