How Social Media Works For Human Resources

Despite our current unemployment malaise, job hiring and hunting remain inexact sciences. “Good people” (whatever that is supposed to mean) have always been difficult to find, no matter what size the talent pool. Savvy human resources departments have been steadily familiarizing themselves with the abilities of social media to assist in the process of finding and attracting new talent. It’s a natural fit – LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook,, are all communication tools of transparency, interaction and engagement based upon a foundation of truth — virtues that any HR department should aspire to. Current uses of social media by HR include:

  • Many HR departments have quickly learned that it’s a no-brainer to use Twitter and LinkedIn as one-way blast job posting sites. Yet, few are currently utilizing their two-way communication abilities.
  • Some HR departments teach social media to outgoing employees as they once did resume updating. For the older executive to learn  LinkedIn as a job networking tool, not only shows good faith to once valued outgoing execs, but may also lower costs on outplacement agencies.
  • Screening potential hires via LinkedIn, Twitter, college blogs and online communities where desired talent may already have a presence.
  • Cross-promoting social media use with current hiring methods – campus recruiting, corporate websites, print and email marketing.

After fully understanding the support social media can give to business, human resource departments can step up and take it to the next level, becoming team leaders and corporate experts with the addition of the following services:

  1. Company teacher/instructor to all interested company divisions — meeting with internal departments and explaining social media tools for strategies to increase efficiencies.
  2. Encouraging an internal interactive dialogue. You’d be surprised how many employees are already using social media to research competitors, maintain communication with suppliers and develop new business.
  3. Familiarizing themselves with the “stars” of social media (authors like David Meerman Scott Seth Godin, Debbie Weil, etc), and incorporating them for corporate webinars, luncheons and workshops.
  4. Reporting internally via blogs and newsletters on industry developments and use by competitors
  5. Group and video development to announce online dialogues for the purpose of extending that valuable first impression with potential hires. Future employees are already spending more of their time looking for work on Twitter and LinkedIn than they are on corporate websites.  Companies need to better understand how to use social media to seek out new talent.

With the growth of social media and greater ease to interact with employees and career candidates, human resources have more tools than ever to do their job, as well as help their associate departments, do theirs. This is an exciting time for human resources to be involved in social media — they work well together.


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