Technology Spoils Us All

In a November, 2007 Wall Street Journal article on e-book readers, I complained that despite the attraction and dazzle of Amazon’s Kindle, the price would have to come down from its then $399.00 cost.

At the time, I never would have guessed, that by June 2010, the Kindle would sell for $189.00!

Of course its natural that with success comes competition, so it’s inevitable that price reductions follow. But who could have predicted the advances in technology which have now created the iPad? With its swiss-army knife array of features, including a dazzling color display, web, video and app capabilities, oh and an ebook reader and store, the iPad has quickly dated the Kindle and its brethren.

The first generaton iPad costs $100.00 more than the first generation Kindle. Should I bother waiting for a price decrease? Technology spoils us all.


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