The Importance of Blogging Earnest

As the platforms of social media continue to develop, it has been very easy to forget one of the earliest SM tools, the blog.

It could be because blogging emphasizes more of a traditional writing element without the more popular bells and whistles of Facebook or Twitter, but its’ effectiveness as part of a good social media marketing strategy, should not be dismissed. Some of my basic tips include the following:

  • First, define the purpose that you want your blog to serve.
  • A blog author should be displaying an area of expertise that he/she has a passion for.
  • An interesting blog should let the personality of its author emerge, allowing an informal element of transparency between the author and reader.
  • The format of the blog, invites interaction among its author and readers. Respond to comments and if they include a web address, check it out and give feedback..
  • Blogs are showcases for opinions and should never be outlets for press releases.
  • Don’t worry about the occasional post that has nothing to do with your company or industry. The human aspect is acceptable.
  • Promote your blog on your Twitter and Facebook links and the LinkedIn ‘Activity’ space.

Obviously, there’s a multitude of tips and advice applicable to creating an effective blog. It can be an important piece of your social media strategy, which subsequently becomes a major element of your overall marketing plan.


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