Musings on Two 2009 Social Media Studies

For the third year in a row, the Center for Marketing Research at Dartmouth has concluded that Inc.500 companies utilize social media marketing more than other businesses. Results were determined by reviewing responses to usage and familiarity of social media tools from 148 of Inc.500 companies.

Last July, a similar study by the ‘Society for New Communications Research’ concluded that non-profit organizations have adapted social media tools at a faster rate than Fortune 500 companies. None of this necessarily means that larger, Fortune 500 companies are less interested in social media marketing. Many of the ‘500’ have been incorporating social media tools with their traditional marketing. A reason for delay by others is that larger, more conservative companies are notorious for taking more time than their younger (smaller and less structured) counterparts, in modifying systems and structures when accomodating new business changes.

As for the non-profits, their quick embrace of social media marketing makes obvious sense when one considers marketing budget restrictions and the low cost of initiating a basic social media plan.

Of course there may also be those who have no intention on working with social media marketing yet could very well be forced to by the demands of their own clients and successes they see from competitors.

When corporations have their structures in place, strategies developed and basic understanding of what social media marketing can and cannot due, the horn blowing of 2009 will lower its tone and become softer yet steady. If everyone does their homework, 2010 will be a great year for social media marketing.


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