Digital Media Forecasts for 2010

You gotta believe that 2010 will be a better year economically than the one we just left behind. Despite it all, digital business and consumer technologies made significant advances, laying the groundwork for growth in the new year.

  • An ever increasing number of companies will adapt social media strategies for their businesses. Better measurement models will develop.
  • Traditional media outlets (television, film, publishing) will continue to suffer the effects of old age and will get more serious about experimenting with new business models.
  • Although digital music sales will increase in 2010, compact disc sales will continue their fall.
  • Though cost prohibitive for the masses, 3D televisions will be considered a success in their introductory release year.
  • The smartphone will become more ubiquitous as competition increases and hardware costs go down.
  • As more companies develop e-book readers, Kindle prices will continue to decrease (albeit minimally) and publishing companies will get more involved with title pricing.
  • Just as it has already happened for the 33 1/3 LP, paper books will one day become niche items for collectors and Luddites alike.



2 Responses to Digital Media Forecasts for 2010

  1. I imagine that is an imaginative way to concieve it. I never supposed supposed I’d hear you say this, though, after all your other posts about iPhones. 😛

    • battleblogger says:

      I just want some healthy competition out there so more people can take advantage of mobile. I love the iPhone and Apple just continues to dazzle. I have no idea how we would all be listening to music if it wasn’t for them. And I’m looking forward to that tablet of theirs with all its pre-release praise. And hey, thanks for introducing me to your blog. I’ll be checking it on a regular basis to keep up on current developments and spreading the word to my iPhone fanatic friends. In addition, what’s the report that states AT&T is actually a better carrier than Verizon? Pass on the info if you have it. Thanks.

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