Twitter Tips For Musicians

Before the internet came along, it was frustrating being a jazz fan. Hearing and finding new music was difficult — radio outlets were limited, playlists mostly covered the classics. Music stores had minimal rack space and a subsequent lack of new titles. It sucked.

As the web developed so did artist and label sites, web radio and the convenience of music downloads. You Tube and My Space became natural showcases for videos and artist jukeboxes. Could it possibly get any better?

With social networks, it has. Twitter and Facebook offer the recording artist, previously strapped by minimal marketing and promotion budgets, a new marketing & promotion tool. Artists now have the ability to be directly involved with their promotion as well as an interaction with fans and community. It’s easy, efficient and useful.

Though your “tweets” are limited to 140 characters, Twitter’s malleability astounds. Everyday I read about a different industry, company, service organization or individual that has benefitted from incorporating Twitter into its’ marketing strategy.

Just some of the ways Twitter can help musicians–

  • Promotional blasts to fans re: touring iteneraries, publicity, radio interviews, etc.
  • Feedback requests to fans on recent performances, releases,
  • Press alerts to outlets (radio, newspaper, clubs) in cities where artists are scheduled to tour.
  • Communication with radio stations on playlist ranking and airplay
  • Use of hashtags to organize groups for feedback on concerts, releases, etc.

As social media advancements continue, they will be adapted by the musicians (and artists of all types) who are always seeking new ways to increase their fan base and get their music heard.

The result will be an interactive community of fans, friends and industry associates. And formerly frustrated jazz listeners such as myself will become the beneficiaries.


One Response to Twitter Tips For Musicians

  1. Tessa Souter says:

    Very interesting, Bill. Sometimes I find it quite hard to find the time to keep up with all those social networking obligations. But thinking of it as a service to LISTENERS is kind of inspiring, now you put it like that! x

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