Verizon Plays Hardass With Apple

I was hoping Verizon was going to pick up the iPhone next year, and though it looks like my hopes have been squashed, I’m pleased to say that it’s not bothering me like I thought it would.

Verizon is showing allegiance with Googles’ entry into the mobile market with its Android OS phone, called the ‘Droid’. We will soon be learning about its’ multitude of features, but as a Google phone, one is not surprised to see a ‘Quick Search’ box located at the top of the browser, allowing users to search the web directly from the home screen.

Android’s free ‘Open Source Project’ platform, will be developer-friendly and insure an extensive quantity of applications. Google has even offerred $250,000 in price money for best new applications.

And if you think Verizon is being delicate about superiority to the iPhone, check out the ad

This competition will be interesting to follow, with the consumer the ultimate beneficiary.


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