David Pogue Vents On Cellphone Carriers

Phone/carrier exclusivity, overcharging for texting and billing, the New York Time’s Technology editor David Pogue, blasts the practices of the cellphone industry.


2 Responses to David Pogue Vents On Cellphone Carriers

  1. Jamie says:

    I don’t think it is altogether a bad thing if there is a bit of a shake-up in the wireless industry. David Pogue made some very valid comments.
    Why are we paying roaming charges on our contracts? My daughter has a prepaid phone from NET10 and she does not pay any roaming charges. I’ve worked out I pay more per minute on my cell plan than she does on her prepaid. She can also call a number of international destinations at local rates – I can’t.
    These and other things make me wonder – am I being exploited by my cell carrier? I would certainly like my representative to look into this.

  2. battleblogger says:

    I’m with you and I feel that customers will demand better service as they continue to drop their land plans.

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