eMusic Announces Sony Catalog Distribution

17 Dots blog response to the announcement of the eMusic/Sony catalog deal:
Don’t mess with the formula too much. Give Sony Music their own label page like you do for Naxos. And have your critics find the overlooked and out of print nuggets among the catalog that deserve a wider audience. But please guys, don’t turn it into the Columbia Record Club. If your main screen overdoes the promotion of old Sony product, I will be bummed.

And regarding the price increases, why don’t we wait to see how the catalog sells? Are their many members who want to buy ‘The Stranger’ or ‘Born To Run’ for the tenth time?

We all remember how the major labels told us to stop buying LP’s when CD’s came out and then told us to re-purchase those same titles when remastered versions were available. It will be too much deja vu for me if Sony, Warners and Universal Music use eMusic as their shill for MP3’s.


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