New iPhones On The Way?

Though not confirmed, various sources have been predicting that a new version of the iPhone should be in stores by June or July. The rumors say that there will be two versions (Senior and Junior), one with an larger processor and extended battery life. Video recording capabilities have also been mentioned.

Let’s see if Apple increases the price of the new version or gives us the “Junior” at the same price or less of the current version.


2 Responses to New iPhones On The Way?

  1. D.G. Chichester says:

    I’ll only care when my workplace supports it — and pays for it. Until then I’m stuck bberrying! Gak.

    • battleblogger says:

      I hear you. I recently had an interview at AT&T where their lobby proudly displayed an oversized electric iPod. During the interview I was told that all the salespeople get their own Blackberry! Maybe they’re still miffed over the distribution deal they got with Apple.

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