Palm Pre’s Potential

It will be good for the growing smart phone marketplace, if the new Palm Pre can give the iPhone and BlackBerry some real competition. If it’s as nifty as some in the press have stated, then perhaps we will have a realistic choice.

It’s efficiencies include– gathers all of your email sources and neatly arranges them into one box. The same with calendars and contact lists. I am particularly appreciative of providing a user replaceable battery that will save time, labor and shipping costs.

Of course, the Pre will be fighting the application appeal of the iPhone and will have to reach some satisfactory sales, before we see significant number of apps.

It’s a no-brainer that the Pre should be released at a lower price than the iPhone. If they don’t, they will remove an important promotional element of a first-time release. Not to mention the current economic climate and the consumer habit of waiting until a first-generation product gets its bugs out. We’re all cheering for its success.


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